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Lions vs. Saints Unsung Hero of the Week: Adrian Peterson keeps pounding

AD has really held true to his name through four weeks.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions suckkkkkkkk, but that’s not news. One thing that’s very different from years of old is the sudden presence of a running game. Personally, I’m extremely entertained by the Lions’ newfound ability to pick up 4-6 yards regularly on the ground, and I feel like it’s being overshadowed by the Lions’ overall suckiness.

Unsung hero of the week: RB Adrian Peterson

I know that all the running backs have been better this year—the offensive line is holding their own quite well. However, Adrian Peterson is the turbo boosters sitting on the back of this juiced up car. He provides an extra umph that no other running back on the roster seems to have, and somehow, even though it’s AD, it comes as a surprise.

Peterson is 35 and he may not have the same burst that he used to, but he’s still a damn good running back. Even at a lesser capacity than he once was, his jump cut and vision are top-notch and he still knows how to bulldoze his way through defenders.

Peterson reminded us all of that and cemented his title of unsung hero after his late touchdown on Sunday to bring the Lions back within one score. No Lions running back that I can remember since maybe—emphasis on maybe, I could just as easily be romanticizing this—a prime Joique Bell could’ve met the defensive back in the hole and lowered their shoulders for a touchdown.

Don’t get me wrong, the offensive line play (at least in the running game) has reached a level this year that they haven’t been at in a while. The Lions need special talent to capitalize on those holes, and Peterson has quietly come in and excelled at doing just that.

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