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Podcast: Does the Detroit Lions’ win over Washington change anything?

Sure, the Lions skirted away with a win, but does that really change the outlook for the team or Patricia?

Washington Football Team v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It’s Victory Monday, and no one can take that away from you. Given how infrequently Detroit Lions wins have been lately, no one would blame you for celebrating this one. Of course, putting the win into context—seeing as Detroit blew a 21-point lead against one of the worst offenses in the league—it’s easy to understand why there are likely many Lions fans not feeling all that joyous this Monday morning.

Which leads to the bigger question: Is anything truly different this Monday morning than the last?

The Detroit Lions are 4-5, and if you were to look at an updated playoff picture without any context, Detroit looks like a team in contention. They’re currently the ninth seed in the NFC (seventh seed gets in), and just a couple of games outside a playoff spot.

But context matters. And the truth is the Lions have barely squeaked by with slim wins over bad teams, and in the process, their defense looks as bad as ever, and their uncanny ability to blow leads will undoubtedly cost them at least another game this year.

So Detroit may have another win under their belt, but is head coach Matt Patricia’s seat really any colder? Are the Lions playoff chances anything but a severe longshot?

We break it all down on this week’s PODcast, as well as our thoughts on what worked and what didn’t during Sunday’s game against the Washington Football Team?

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