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WATCH: Matthew Stafford mic’d up during game-winning drive vs. Washington

“Overtime, right?”

Washington Football Team v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

It happened again. Another unlikely Matthew Stafford game-winning drive. With 16 seconds left against the Washington Football Team, the Lions quarterback somehow worked Detroit into field goal position in time for Matt Prater to booot the game-winning kick from 59 yards out.

As always seems to be the case when Stafford performs some late-game heroics, he was mic’d up for the game.

The Detroit Lions posted video of the on-field audio on Tuesday night, and it featured some classic Stafford moments. You’ve got the classic Stafford follow-through on his deep bomb to Marvin Hall, followed by the classic point to the sideline while he jogs down field.

Then there’s the friendly sideline banter between Stafford and Marvin Jones Jr. after they hooked up for the second touchdown of the game.

“You threw that shit right in the lights,” Jones said to Stafford.

“You’re like ‘Noooo!’” Stafford replied. “To be honest with you, I pumped and looked over there and I saw (your) hand (up), and I was like, ‘It’s going up, Marv.’”

You’ve also got a Howard Dean-esque howl from Stafford, some sideline cheering, a lot of use from that injured hand, but perhaps the most interesting segment of the mic’d up segment was after Washington tied it up with 16 seconds left.

“Overtime, right?” Stafford said to his peers on the sideline.

But then a coach—unclear who exactly, but it looks like it’s probably offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell—shakes his head no.

“We’ve got three timeouts,” he says to Stafford.

Then you see Stafford just take complete command of the team. He clearly explains the situation to his teammates on the final offensive play of the game.

“Listen up. Hey, let’s just... we’ve got to catch this thing and get down. Try to get it to like the 40-yard line, okay?”

Then it’s celebration time.

And to top things off, we see Stafford’s unbelievable class. He embraces Washington quarterback Alex Smith, who had just set a career record with 390 passing yards in his first start since his gruesome leg injury two years ago.

“Holy shit, man. You played your fucking ass off today. I’m happy to see you out here. That was fucking awesome.”

You can watch the entire segment below.

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