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PODcast finds the offense wanting as the trade deadline looms

The Colts loss feels like a crucial crossroads for Detroit’s 2020 campaign.

Indianapolis Colts v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Not that watching the Detroit Lions wasn’t always a symphony of highs and lows, but Sunday’s game against the Colts felt like the appropriate sugar crash following Halloween. Whatever excitement there was about a last-second victory over the Falcons has evaporated in a cloud of dust and Philip Rivers in your face screaming nonsense.

Of course, perhaps there wasn’t too much difference between this game and the Falcons match. Jeremy argues as much on this week’s PODcast, while I’ve got notes about Matthew Stafford’s reversion to the old Stafford—not something to be taken as any sort of positive—and Ryan sees the offensive play calling as uninspired and disjointed.

Now with the trade deadline looming, the question stands taller than ever: will the Lions add to their Everson Griffen trade and become buyers at the deadline, stand pat or start to sell pieces? The season could still honestly go either way, and the crew discusses this precarious situation.

Get ready because PODcast hits your ears right now.

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