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NFL Week 11 Madden simulation: Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions ... with Tua Tagovailoa?

We’re shaking things up on this week’s Madden 21 simulation

This week, we’re looking to spice up our weekly Madden 21 Detroit Lions simulations. Thus far, the Lions have literally lost every single Madden sim we’ve done prior to their actual game. Yes, the virtual Lions are heading into Week 11 at 0-9.

So we’re going to try to help them out this week. Last week, we ran a second simulation with Chase Daniel just for the hell of it, and, predictably, it didn’t help the Lions at all.

This week, we are taking things a step further for Detroit’s game against the Carolina Panthers. We will still run our normal Madden simulation with projected lineups as accurate as possible. However, after that simulation is done, by request, we are sliding rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa onto the Lions’ roster to see how he fares against the virtual Panthers.

It’s time to settle this for good. Did the Lions make a mistake not drafting Tua? We will get an absolutely definitive answer this Saturday afternoon, as Madden has absolutely never been wrong about anything, especially just a couple months into a players career.

So come watch live as I answer you Lions questions, and we get a look into the alternate reality in which the Lions kicked Matthew Stafford to the curb for a rookie quarterback coming off a major injury.

Here’s how to watch:


Lions vs. Panthers Madden Simulation + Detroit Lions Q&A with Jeremy Reisman


  • Regular simulation begins around 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, November 21
  • Tua simulation begins around Noon


  • Watch live either on our YouTube or Twitch page. It will also be embedded below:

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