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NFL Week 12 Madden Simulation: Lions vs. Texans, Thanksgiving Classic

Come watch as the Lions take on the Texans in a game of Madden 21.

We’re working on a short week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to take two hours out of our day to watch some meaningless football.

Our Madden Sim will not be denied this week. Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET, we will fire up the Madden 21 machine, set the lineups as close as we can to the injury report and see if the Detroit Lions can pull off a holiday win for us.

Last week, our Madden sim resulted in Detroit’s first virtual win of the season over the Carolina Panthers. Safe to say, that’s not exactly what ended up happening on Sunday.

But, hey, we’ll take a virtual win these days. Times are tough, the team is pretty bad, and real life has turned out to be a massive disappointment in 2020.

So come join us in the virtual world as I provide live commentary to the Lions facing off against the Texans in a virtual game. You can watch us live on YouTube or Twitch, and we’ll have the Twitch stream embedded below. However, if you want to join in the chat, answer some poll questions or donate to our streams, head to the Twitch or YouTube pages.