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Thursday open thread: Will the Lions have meaningful games in December?

The pressure is turning up on the Lions’ front office and coaching staff

NFL: OCT 18 Lions at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nobody can deny that it’s been a strange year. And that includes football.

One thing that’s not so clear is how forceful the Lions ownership, now under Sheila Ford Hamp, will stick to their expectations the Lions would have to be “playoff contenders“ and “[play] meaningful games in December“ in order for the current regime to stick around.

Well, we’re only a few weeks away from December and the chances for “meaningful“ games appears to be dwindling with every passing week.

That brings us to today’s question:

Will the Lions have meaningful games in December?

My answer: No.

The Lions have four games before December hits. Those games are:

  • @ Minnesota
  • vs Washington
  • @ Carolina
  • vs Houston

The Lions will probably have to win three out of four of those games in order get in the ball park of a potential playoff spot heading into December.

And with Kenny Golladay and Trey Flowers out for several weeks, a regressing offensive line, and little-to-no run game, I don’t see the Lions being to pull off a multiple-game win streak in the month of November.

Your turn.


Will the Lions play meaningful football in December?

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