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VIDEO: Everson Griffen blasts Mike Zimmer for calling him a ‘good player’

The disrespect is real.

“Everson was a good player for us. So wish him well. Just not this week.”

That was a quote from Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer earlier this week in reference to facing off against his former player, Everson Griffen. Griffen parted ways with the Vikings this offseason and spent the first half of 2020 with the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions traded for him a week ago and he’ll make his Detroit debut on Sunday vs. his former team.

And while that quote from Zimmer may seem harmless, Griffen took big offense, and he’s eager to make his former head coach eat those words.

“I got a little frustrated when I read that comment,” Griffen said. “What Zimmer said about, ‘Oh, Everson was a good player.’ Coach Zimmer wasn’t just a good coach, he was a great coach to me. So for him to call me a good player, that kinda hurts my feelings.”

As the Zoom session carried on, Griffen’s intensity picked up, and you could really sense his eagerness for Sunday.

“I’m just a good player? Alright, he’s got a good player coming his way. He’s going to see on Sunday what he got coming for him.”

“They’re going to put some respect on my name. He’s going to put some respect on my name.”

That said, Griffen said once he’s on the field, it’s all about football and getting the Lions a big divisional win.

“I’m going to go out there and execute, Griffen said. “I’m not going to let the emotions get to me.”

But he couldn’t help himself on the dismount of the media session. Had to get one last punch in at Zimmer.

“I’m going to come out and dominate, and I’m going to come out and do that, because I’m just a good player, right? Alright.”

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