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NFL Week 9 Madden simulation: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

Can the Lions finally pick up a win?

The virtual Detroit Lions are already out of the playoff race. Unbelievably, they have not won a single Madden simulation and are traveling to Minnesota with a 0-7 record.

Obviously, the actual Detroit Lions are in a slightly better situation. At 3-4, they’re clinging to relevancy in the NFC playoff race, and they probably can’t afford a slipup against the 2-5 Minnesota Vikings if there’s any hope for a postseason.

So, again, this week, we’ll see if the virtual Lions can get over this hump. In every season we’ve done the Madden simulations—which includes maybe one other year—we’ve never seen the Lions fail this badly.

But we have fun with it every week. I’ll answer some Lions questions you may have, we’ll make fun of some goofy Madden programming, and we’ll all probably vent some frustrations along the way, too.

So come join us at 10:30 a.m. ET and we’ll see if the Lions can notch their first win. You can watch on our Twitch page to chat with us, or simply hang around here and watch the embedded video below:

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