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Detroit Lions vs. Tennessee Titans: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions Week 15 loss

Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Welp. It’s over for the Lions. I mean it’s been over for a long time, but after their 46-25 loss to the Tennessee Titans, it’s as over as it can be. The Lions have been officially eliminated from playoff contention. On top of that, I’m as numb as I possibly can be right now. Oddly excited for the future, too. Okay, maybe that’s not that numb.

As always, I have thoughts on this game, these are those thoughts.

Throw A Touchdown Or Die Tryin’

That’s the name of Matthew Stafford’s new album he’s dropping for Shady Records this summer. He might as well be 50 Cent out there. I mean they’re both rocking the bulletproof vests. Stafford hasn’t been shot nine times, but he’s definitely been sacked more than nine times.

Despite the loss, the ribs and missing everyone, Stafford still balled out as usual. He’s made the case that he should be the Lions quarterback going into the new regime as obvious as possible.

Still, the Lions should promptly shut him for the rest of the season to heal up, especially after he got roughed up again in the fourth quarter.

Defense is bad

That’s it. Do I really need to write an entire section?

Marvin Jones Jr. had one more great game

It seems obvious at this point, but Marvin Jones is probably going to be gone after this season. His contract is up after the season and will be 31 in March. The Lions new general manager and coaching staff will probably look to build a completely brand new receiving corps. Marvin will probably sign with a contender and be one of those guys that can help a team get over the top.

So before the possible inevitable happens, it was nice to see Marvin have a great game. He went out and caught 10 balls for 112 yards and a touchdown. Thank you, Marvin.

Lions got a Sack/Safety!

The little things that get you excited

There were a few little things that should get Lions fans excited for the future. Little things like De’Andre Swift continuing to look good with 67 yards and two touchdowns on 4.5 yards per carry. What about Hunter Bryant not only having a great first catch of his career in which he got 44 yards, but also showing some real athleticism at other points?

Defensively guys like Frank Herron and Austin Bryant made some good strides on Sunday, too. They’ll potentially be very cheap options to keep around to flex in and out in 2021.

Most of what happened Sunday was bad, but it’s ok to feel good about the little stuff.

General Hospital: Lions edition

The offseason is coming and I’m going to have or find something to do with the amount of news to write about dropping after the Lions make their hires. So I’ve decided to pitch a TV show to all the networks that’s based off the Lions 2020 injury report.

The show will be about a hospital that only cares for injured Detroit Lions players and is still incredibly busy. There will be romance, drama and ton of hamstring injuries. I’m thinking I can get George Clooney to play the Lions trainer and Katherine Heigl to play the hospital’s top surgeon who is falling in love with Kenny Golladay. I’ll let you guys know if it gets picked up for a full order.

Now we continue to wait

The Lions being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention is probably the last thing on Lions fans minds right now. I know that for me, this game was only about fantasy playoffs. I’m probably not alone there.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks before the fun really begins for the Lions. I’m talking all hell breaking loose. A new GM and head coach will attempt to catch all that hell and put it back where it broke loose from. I cannot wait to see who the Lions hire for those jobs and what those guys are going to do fix this train wreck of a team. Until that day comes, good luck if your fantasy team is headed to the Super Bowl.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Alex Myers

Sweet Baby Jesus, Alex. Are you alright? While his body survived, his soul was taken and broken over Derrick Henry’s knee like Bane did to Batman. I mean when that happened, the only thing I could think of was when Robin Raskey turned me down when I asked her out in seventh grade. It was just as embarrassing, and the same amount of people watched it happen. Good luck kid.

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