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WATCH LIVE: POD’s New Year’s Eve virtual karaoke charity party

Come bring in the New Year with your POD fam... for a good cause.

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Our POD New Year’s Eve party is LIVE at 7 p.m. ET! Watch below:

2020 sucked.

It sucked for a bunch of Detroit Lions reasons, and it sucked even more for a bunch of reasons that have nothing to do with football. But for one night, we’re going to put all of that aside and have one kickass (virtual) party.

I suspect a lot of you typically like to do your New Year’s Eve parties big, but the pandemic may put a stop to those this year. For those of you still looking for plans, we’ve got you covered. We’re holding a virtual karaoke New Year’s charity party live on our Twitch and YouTube pages.

What the hell is a virtual karaoke New Year’s Eve charity party? Well, I’m so glad you asked. Let me break it down.

What are you talking about?

Myself, a bunch of the Pride of Detroit staff, and any fans that want to participate, will be live broadcasting a karaoke party over the internet. We are using a game called Twitch Sings to play, and we’re broadcasting it over Twitch and YouTube.

Throughout the night, we’ll be taking donations for charity, and if we hit certain goals, the POD staff will do some embarrassing or painful things to entertain you.

How can I participate?

If you want to sing, download Twitch Sings right now on your computer, make sure you have a good headphones/mic combination, and then just show up on New Year’s Eve and let us know you want to join in.

If you’d rather just watch, all you have to do is head to our YouTube and Twitch pages at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, December 31. We’ll be live up until we hit 2021, and likely a little bit beyond.

What charity is involved?

We will be raising money for Feeding America, which helps fund food banks around the world. Given the havoc that COVID-19 has wrecked on this nation, I felt it was most important to address our neighbors’ most basic need: food. Many have lost jobs over this past year, and several have been forced from their homes. At the very least, these people deserve the right not to starve.

You can read more about Feeding America here.

How do I donate?

You can always donate to Feeding America through their website here. However, if you want to give through our campaign—and help reach our goal of $1,000—donate through this link. Don’t worry, all that money is still going in the same place with 0% of it being taken by ourselves or Tiltify.

I’d prefer you wait until our broadcast went live to donate, so that I can acknowledge and thank you live on air, but if you’d like, you can start donating now.

What’s in it for me?

Well, besides doing one final selfless act in 2020, for every $100 donated, I will spin the wheel of humiliation. That means I will either take a shot of hot sauce, eat a dog treat, take a straight shot of lime juice or other humiliating things. Feel free to suggest more things in the comments.

If we hit our goal of $1,000, I will do an entire week of PODcasts in a cosplay of your choosing. There are three options:

When you donate, you will be given the opportunity to vote in the poll, as shown below:

The costume choice with the most money donated to will win.

Too long; didn’t read

What: Virtual Karaoke charity New Year’s Eve party
When: December 31, 2020 — 7 p.m. ET
Where: LIVE on Twitch and YouTube
How to sing: Download Twitch Sings and comment on YouTube or Twitch when we’re live
Charity: Feeding America

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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