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2020 NFL Combine preview with Kent Lee Platte

The PODcast is back and we’ve got the 2020 NFL Combine completely covered.

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis, but the real fun doesn’t quite start until Thursday, when the on-field drills begin. So in the few days in between now and then, it’s time to take a closer look at the players involved, the athletic profiles and their relationship to the Detroit Lions.

And who better to do that than the king of NFL Combine analytics? That’s right, this week on the PODcast we bring in our own Kent Lee Platte to give us a preview on who to watch, what to expect and how to enjoy this week’s NFL Combine.

But before we get into that, we talk about the news of the past two weeks. Is there anything to take from those odd Matthew Stafford rumors? Why are the Lions and Damon Harrison Sr. parting ways? And the impact of re-signing Danny Amendola.

All of that and much, much more on the triumphant return of the PODcast!

This week on the PODcast

  • Now that the dust has settled, what to make of those Matthew Stafford rumors?
  • Why did the Lions part ways with Damon Harrison Sr. if he still intends on playing? Do you believe Snacks when he says the parting was “mutual?” Where do the Lions go at DT from here?
  • Danny Amendola is back, but that shouldn’t change the Lions’ offseason plans.
  • The gang debates 17-game seasons and an expanded playoffs. Jeremy gets really mad and flustered.

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