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Damon Harrison Sr. appears excited to be released from Detroit Lions


Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

This story is starting to become all too familiar. A Detroit Lions player is traded, released or or signs elsewhere, and then immediately expresses their excitement for their newfound freedom. Quandre Diggs was the most recent example, but we’ve also seen guys like Hakeem Valles and Glover Quin express their relief from being out from under the Lions organization after their careers in Detroit came to an end.

It looks like Damon Harrison Sr. may be the latest example.

The Detroit Lions made his release official on Tuesday morning, and this was Snacks’ first tweet following the news:

That’s an internet meme that is largely understood to be rapper Meek Mill running through the streets excitedly after being released from prison (though the actual photo is not taken from that event).

So the message seems clear: Harrison is thrilled now that he’s no longer under contract with the Lions.

There hadn’t been any public tension between Harrison and the Lions during his 1.5 season with the team. However, there are definitely some things in retrospect that look suspicious. In his farewell to Detroit, Snacks sent a heartfelt message to the people in Detroit and some of the lower-level employees in the Lions organization. Notably absent in his farewell was any appreciation for coaches, management, or ownership. Additionally, Harrison called the release “mutual,” suggesting that at least part of him wanted out in Detroit.

To Harrison’s credit, he sent out several tweets in appreciation to Detroit Lions fans, saying Detroit fans “deserve it ALL” and even that he’s “rooting for you guys.”

But while Harrison seems to have all the love in the world for the Detroit fans, it’s hard to read that initial tweet as anything other than a shot at the Lions organization.

UPDATE: Harrison attempted to clarify his original post, suggesting some were reading too much into it:

UPDATE 2: Harrison further clarified that he simply forgot to thank his coaches in his farewell: