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Support the Barry Sanders/Garth Brooks 2020 campaign

Together, nobody can tackle us.

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Garth Brooks fans spent the last week flipping out because their beloved country music singer was seen sporting a football jersey during his Ford Field performance in Detroit. The jersey, which had “Sanders” and the number 20 on the back, caused mass confusion.

While most people with even a cursory knowledge of sports would immediately recognize the jersey as a Barry Sanders Detroit Lions jersey, many of Brooks’ fans believed it to be a political jersey supporting democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential election.

Their hilariously misguided anger led to a pseudo campaign that Brooks, (Barry) Sanders, and the Detroit Lions played along with.

Now, you can play along with it, too. Introducing, the completely unofficial Sanders/Brooks 2020 campaign shirt. Confuse your “sportsball” friends with this piece of apparel sure to cause some conversations, brought to you by our friends at BreakingT.

And while you’re over there, enjoy other Pride of Detroit offerings, including a shirt with our logo on it!

Sanders Brooks 2020 T-shirt for $28

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