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Addressing Matthew Stafford, Darius Slay, Tua Tagovailoa rumors, Super Bowl recap

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The rumor mill is out of control, so we try to separate fact from fiction.

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Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

For the first month of the offseason, there sure has been a lot of rumors swirling around the Detroit Lions. Like the previous few seasons, many seem to think Matthew Stafford could be on his way out of Detroit, despite the financial complications that make it a near certainty he sticks around in 2020—among other reasons that moving Stafford makes no sense.

So this week on the PODcast, we try to separate fact from fiction regarding all of the reports from Miami regarding both Stafford and Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Does any of it make any sense. Is this all just a major scheme from the Dolphins to get an edge on the upcoming draft?

Plus, we welcome back a familiar face to talk about the Super Bowl, what it means for the Lions and the future of the NFL.

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This week on the PODcast

  • We welcome back a familiar, adequate face/voice.
  • Ryan does a victory lap for the Super Bowl and his best friend Patrick Mahomes.
  • Was Mahomes truly worthy of MVP, though?
  • Jeremy warns against drawing too many conclusions about the future of the NFL based on one game. The 49ers deserved to be there, too.
  • The Tagovailoas don’t want to be in Detroit... or maybe they do. Is this another Philip Rivers situation on our hands?
  • And, yeah, those Stafford trade rumors are ridiculous.
  • POD doesn’t want Tagovailoa, but what about a late first-round quarterback like PFF’s latest mock suggests?
  • Mailbag asks if we’d prefer to build like the 49ers or Chiefs, suggests some offseason TV homework, and gauges our excitement level for the XFL.