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Watch: 7 minutes of Matt Patricia, Cory Undlin mic’d up at Senior Bowl

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This is a pretty neat behind-the-scenes look at the Lions coaching staff.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’ve probably seen the profanity-laced segment at the Senior Bowl where Matt Patricia was coaching up the North squad live on ESPNU. (If you haven’t, you can check out a couple videos here.)

However, the Detroit Lions were recording all week, and it wasn’t just Patricia that was mic’d up. New defensive coordinator Cory Undlin, wide receivers coach Robert Prince, defensive assistant Steve Gregory and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell were all recorded down in Mobile, Alabama. The team put together a slightly-more-PG seven-minute clip of the entire week of practices, and it’s really worth your time to see an in-depth look at the Lions staff’s coaching methods.

Take a look:

There are a bunch of interesting exchanges, but I suspect the one that will stick out for most is when Patricia is talking to Michigan State edge defender Kenny Willekes:

“Power, again, go at him. Attack at him, like we talked about this morning. Don’t just run upfield and all that, flash all that. It’s not going to threaten them, okay? Your energy, your motor, your power, that’s what’s going to scare them the most.”

This power-over-speed message is similar to something that Justin Rogers of the Detroit News caught during ESPNU’s coverage of Patricia mic’d up:

Patricia is seen speaking with several local products, including Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson, which resulted in this humorous exchange:

Patricia: “We save all the quarterback keeps for the red area, that way you guys score, you know what I mean?”
Patterson: “I appreciate that.”
Patricia: “Just trying to get you guys some points.”
Patterson: “Thanks for making me look good.”

The entire thing is worth your time, as we typically don’t get this close of a look at Lions coaches working so intimately with players. Additionally, it’s our first real look at Detroit new defensive coordinator Cory Undlin’s energetic coaching style.