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Saturday open thread: Which XFL rules should be implemented in the NFL

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The XFL is coming with a bunch of new rules, and some could make their way to the NFL.

XFL: DEC 16 Tampa Bay Vipers Mini-Camp Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL season has ended, but the XFL season is just beginning. Saturday afternoon, the XFL kicks off its (second) inaugural season. Much of the draw behind the alternative league is simply some extra football to carry us over into the long offseason. But another thing the XFL made sure to do was implement a bunch of fan-friendly rules to help improve the game by making it shorter and more exciting.

The Sporting News has a nice list of the unique rules of the XFL, including booth reviews for all plays, a shootout-like overtime involving five individual “shots” from the 5-yard line, the elimination of extra points (and the option of one, two or three-point conversions), and this big change in kickoffs:

So today’ Question of the Day is:

Which XFL rule(s) are you hoping the NFL adopts?

My answer: While most of these rules I’m taking a more wait-and-see approach before I judge—especially that drastic change to the kickoffs—I am kind of in love with this new point-after-touchdown system. With no more kicks, teams get a choice of three different scoring attempts:

1 point: Successfully score from the 2-yard line
2 points: Successfully score from the 5-yard line
3 points: Successfully score from the 10-yard line

While this is a pretty drastic change, I love the idea of it adding a ton more strategy to a play that is mostly an afterthought in the NFL. It could lead to more comebacks and, most importantly, some more scoragamis.

What XFL rule are you looking forward to seeing?