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How the Detroit Lions can make the 1-year turnaround

What choices will the Lions have to make to become an immediate contender?

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Going worst to first.

That’s the all-too-familiar mantra that fans of bad teams adopt in the offseason. There’s no reason not to cling to that kind of hope, as making the jump from last place in the division to first place is somewhat common in the NFL.

For the Detroit Lions, the San Francisco 49ers are the most poignant example. The parallels are undeniable in some cases. A third-year head coach. The previous season marred by a quarterback injury. That tanked season leading to a top-three pick that gives each team the opportunity to get a game-changing defensive talent to turn around the fortunes of that side of the ball.

But no two teams are exactly alike, and the Lions will have to forge their own way to make something out of the 2020 season. And with pressure from ownership, they don't’ have much of a choice other than to turn things around, and do it right now.

So this week on the PODcast, we go through several crucial decisions the Lions must make this offseason and discuss whether it’ll be enough to push Detroit in the right direction this year. What kind of players available have that kind of transformative talent? Is it better to build up your depth or go for the superstar?

All of that, and more, on this week’s PODcast:

This week on the PODcast

  • How realistic is it for the Lions to complete the one-year turnaround?
  • Can Chase Young be Detroit’s version of Nick Bosa and have that kind of transformative effect on the defense?
  • How much would trading Darius Slay set back Detroit? How much would they have to receive in return for it to be worth it?
  • What’s better for 2020: Get a top-tier defensive talent with the third overall pick or acquire several picks in the top 100 and get numerous players that could provide immediate impact?
  • Mailbag touches on worst-case scenarios in the NFL Draft, the Rams’ new logo and best candy to put on a burger.

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