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Saturday open thread: How are you holding up?

Need to vent? Looking for some help? Just need to cope? Come chat with us.

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I know this site has served as a nice distraction over the past couple weeks, and it’s something we all desperately needed during trying times. As much as I was initially against continuing with NFL free agency with the world in crisis, it both provided some necessary entertainment and kept me extremely busy as COVID-19 spread across this country and the rest of the world.

But we here at Pride of Detroit are a community. As much as we fight and bicker, especially during these times of increased anxiety, we’ve all gotten to know each other and love each other in our own demented ways.

So I wanted to simply take this Saturday to check in with y’all. We’re living in unprecedented times, and many people are suffering either financially or medically. And as much as we want to distract ourselves from reality, it’s just as important to talk with others about the hardships you’re currently going through. Talking it out not only helps yourself cope, but it may make someone else feel less alone if they’re going through the same things as you.

And since you—not me—are the lifeblood of this site, I wanted to give y’all a platform to express your anxieties, vent your frustrations, share your story or even plead for help in any way.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

How are you holding up?

My answer: First of all, I want to make it clear I know just how fortunate I am. I am still employed and I can go about my workday in a relatively normal fashion. I’m also a pretty big introvert, so the whole self-isolation thing isn’t too much of an adjustment.

But emotionally, I’m just completely fatigued. Going to the grocery store and seeing rows of empty aisles and people with fear in their eyes—too scared to even talk to anyone else—just builds on the anxiety already there.

Then there’s the political bickering and the continual denial of this pandemic while we are just beginning to see hospitals become overcrowded. It often seems like a huge portion of this country is in crisis while an equally large portion continues to deny it.

And I’d be lying if all that pent-up anxiety hasn’t affected my work here. As much as I want the distraction, it’s currently hard for me to get motivated to talk about football while everything else is going on. Football doesn’t seem important in the grand scheme of things, and sometimes I wonder if distraction is the right coping mechanism right now. Maybe instead of burying our head in free agency or the Tiger King, we should all be trying to be a little more proactive about helping our brothers and sisters out there.

But coping is necessary too, and I hope this platform can provide some sort of outlet for some of you.

Please, share your story. And if you’re not ready to, that’s okay, too.

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