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2020 NFL Draft betting guide: Prop bets, odds, and more

With little else to do in these times, folks, it’s time to place your wagers.

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The 2020 NFL Draft will be here in a day’s time, and it’s the first dose of sports many fans will get since every other professional sports league closed up shop back in mid-March.

Likewise, it’s the first bit of action you can catch since sports went on hiatus a month ago. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to scratch this itch in such a long time, with perhaps something like, oh, I don’t know, $1,200 or so delivered to your bank account recently, this weekend is an opportunity itch away and see that dough flip like Tae-Kwon.

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest prop bets released by to give us another angle of intrigue to view what will already be one of the most interesting draft nights in recent memory.

First wide receiver drafted

CeeDee Lamb (-110)
Jerry Jeudy (+125)
Henry Ruggs III (+375)
Field (+4000)

This year’s crop of wide receivers has been hyped as one of the better positional classes in recent history and it deserves every bit of press its received up to this point. Looking at this talented group of wideouts, it’s reasonable to expect at least 10 names to come off the board through the first two rounds, easily. And while the class certainly is top heavy with some guys who will become bona fide No. 1 receivers in no time at the next level, figuring out exactly who will be the first name off the board isn’t an easy task.

Ryan’s take: NFL teams are enamored with speed: always have, always will be. And nothing is going to be different here when the first receiver comes off the board on Thursday night. Give me Henry Ruggs III (+375), the guy who blazed his way to a 4.27 40-time in Indy, at some very attractive odds.

Second quarterback drafted

Tua Tagovailoa (-160)
Justin Herbert (+110)
Jordan Love (+2800)
Field (+3300)

After the consensus No. 1 pick Joe Burrow gets selected by his hometown Cincinnati Bengals, the rest of the quarterback class gets much less certain. Between Tagovailoa’s health concerns, Herbert’s small play in big games, and Love’s mediocre tape in 2019, things get pretty dicey after Burrow’s name is called, but it seems like Tagovailoa and Herbert have moved their way to the front of team’s boards.

Ryan’s take: Be glad if your team has a franchise quarterback already on its roster because this isn’t the year to be looking for one of those. Burrow aside, there are far too many question marks for a team to feel so confident in grabbing “their guy” here at the top of the first round, but we see every team do it year after year and fail gloriously—and this year will be no exception.

The odds speak to Tagovailoa being the guy, but with the limited ability to do medical checks in this year’s pre-draft process, the durability concerns for Tua are too risky to be the next name called. I’m thinking it’s Herbert (+110) with his size, arm strength, and ultimately lack of injury concerns that gets some team to make him the second quarterback off the board.

Which pick will Xavier McKinney be drafted?

Under 24.5 (-155)
Over 24.5 (+115)

Much like this class of wide receivers, the 2020 NFL Draft is chock full of talent on the defensive backend—and should see quite a few names come off the board early on.

Xavier McKinney is literally the football player embodiment of a swiss-army knife. Last season alone, McKinney lined up as an outside corner, a slot corner, up in the box, a single-high safety, and even up along the defensive line, so he has all the makings of an attractive prospect for numerous fronts and schemes which will surely endear him to many defensive coordinators.

Ryan’s take: Grab the Under 24.5 (-155) and watch it happen live on whatever device you’re using to stream the draft on Thursday. This is as close to a surefire lock as you’re going to find if you plan on placing bets. If it doesn’t happen, send a letter to Jeremy.

Which pick will Isaiah Simmons be drafted?

Over 6.5 (-150)
Under 6.5 (+110)

Not much more can be said about Simmons during this pre-draft process that hasn’t already been talked to death—and without much in the way of having tangible answers after all that talk. Athletically, he’s in a class of his own. Size, speed, explosiveness, you say the draft buzzword, he blows everyone else away in this class.

Ryan’s take: Simmons probably has plenty of suitors, but I truly have no idea how highly they covet or value him. Conventional wisdom suggests there are more sure-footed prospects out there, and plenty of other players at positions of more value than whatever it is Simmons brings to the table. He’s likely going in the top 10, but I like the odds with Over 6.5 (-150).

As a bonus take, here’s a spicy one: I prefer McKinney to Isiah Simmons from Clemson if you’re looking for an NFL safety in 2020. Simmons’ combination of size and speed is mesmerizing, and this is not to say he won’t be successful at the next level, but the route to that success is much more of a question mark for Simmons. He has the size of a linebacker, but he didn’t do much in terms of taking on and shedding blockers during his time in college. Is he going to be sticky enough in coverage at the next level to play slot corner like some want him to? The answer to all those questions and more when if NFL football ever resumes.

Will Jalen Reagor be a first-round pick?

No (-165)
Yes (+125)

Earlier I mentioned just how deep and talented this wide receiver class goes, and while there’s a sweet spot where value and draft position meet, some of these players are going to be too tantalizing for teams to refrain from pulling the trigger; Jalen Reagor is one of those exceptions.

Ryan’s take: Reagor stumbled a bit with a disappointing performance at the Combine, so he decided to take matters into his own hands at his virtual pro day to make up for his lackluster showing in Indy.

He might be the draft’s best deep threat—even better than Henry Ruggs—when you consider his total package: hands, double-moves, top-end speed, the guy has it all. After you hear the names Jeudy, Ruggs, and Lamb, don’t be so surprised if Reagor is the next wideout off the board come Thursday, so Yes (+125), he does go in round one.

More first round picks

Offensive players (-325)
Defensive players (+215)

Things have been pretty close over recent years in terms of distribution. In 2018, there were 17 players drafted on offense in the first round to 15 defensive players. In 2017, just 13 offensive players to 19 on the defensive side of the ball. And in 2016, 15 players on offense to 16 players on defense (the New England Patriots had to forfeit their first round selection).

Ryan’s take: Some quick math will help us get to the bottom of this real quick. With three quarterbacks (Burrow, Herbert, and Tagovaiola), four wide receivers (Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs, and Reagor) and five offensive tackles (Tristan Wirfs, Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Wills, Mekhi Becton, and Josh Jones) that puts us with at least 12 offensive players drafted on Thursday. Throw in a running back or two, maybe another quarterback like Jordan Love, another one or two wideouts (a legit possibility), and it’s getting warm in here. Maybe a team that is hard up for interior offensive line help jumps into the mix to get the guy they like. There’s just so much top-tier talent at both offensive tackle and wide receiver it’s difficult to see the route to more defensive players getting drafted, so give me Offensive players (-325).

More first round picks

Big 10 players (-260)
Alabama players (+175)

An entire conference versus college football’s NFL pipeline: it’s a thing of draft season beauty.

Ryan’s take: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this proposition is billowing black smoke. It’s the time-honored tradition of “Alabama vs. Everybody” come draft season, but this one has some teeth.

By my count, there are at least five players from Alabama getting picked in the first round: Tagovaiola, Ruggs, Jeudy, Wills, and McKinney. We might see a sixth one sneak in depending on how high some teams are on Trevon Diggs, but let’s stick with five players from Bama going in the first round.

As far as the Big 10 goes, Jeffrey Okudah and Chase Young are locks, so is Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa. After that, things really get hairy. Is A.J. Epenesa going on Day 1? What about Jonah Jackson or Cesar Ruiz if a team reaches for some interior o-line help? Does Johnathan Taylor sneak his way into the first round as the first running back off the board? A lot of question marks with the Big 10, not so many with those five players from Alabama players (+175).

Quick Hitters

1st offensive lineman drafted

Jedrick Wills (-110)
Tristan Wirfs (+165)
Andrew Thomas (+400)
Mekhi Becton (+1100)
Field (+6600)

Could have went with a big value play here with Thomas, but I like the Giants to nab a road grader like Wirfs at No. 4.

1st running back drafted

D’Andre Swift (-170)
Johnathan Taylor (+230)
Field (+625)
J.K. Dobbins (+750)

This one seems locked up simply based on Swift’s versatility out of the backfield.

3rd overall pick

Jeffrey Okudah (+120)
Derrick Brown (+375)
Tua Tagovaiola (+400)
Field (+425)
Isaiah Simmons (+1100)
Chase Young (+1400)

Methinks the Lions end up staying put at No. 3 and taking their guy. And by their guy I mean Okudah. Save your Derrick Brown jokes for somewhere else because I’m legitimately terrified Matt Patricia hijacks Bob Quinn’s draft comms and destroys that franchise from within.

Highest number of people in same room

Over 9.5 (-140)
Under 9.5 (+100)

Imagine telling some of your family members they didn’t make the cut for a spot on the couch for the draft.

How many draftees will be seen in a tie?

Under 20.5 (-220)
Over 20.5 (+155)

Who is going to get dressed up at home for this? Hoodie and a pair of basketball shorts over/under should be set at 6.5.

Total cats shown during the first round

Over 0.5 (-130)
Under 0.5 (-110)

Wish there was a way to tease whether or not it’s going to be stalking across a countertop.

Total dogs shown during the first round

Under 3.5 (-140)
Over 3.5 (+100)

The draft is boring, dogs are not.

Total draft day Round 1 trades

Over 5.5 (-165)
Under 5.5 (+125)

This thing is a logistical nightmare, I don’t see a lot of general managers having the dexterity to work the phones and make sure they’re logged into Zoom to make the pick.

Will NFL Draft be hacked?

No (-2500)
Yes (+800)

For the entertainment value alone, I sure do hope so.

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