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Day 2 NFL Draft recap: Analyzing Lions’ selections of Swift, Okwara, Jackson

Our thoughts on all 3 of Detroit’s Day 2 picks.

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Once again, the PODcast crew burned the midnight oil just to recap all of Friday’s crazy events.

The Detroit Lions made a bold move to start the day by selecting Georgia running back D’Andre Swift. While many believed Swift was among the best this running back class has to offer, selecting rushers that early in the draft has been a dangerous game in today’s NFL. Many running backs don’t see a second contract with their original team, which isn’t great return on a pick in the top 40. Was this a luxury pick with better defensive options on the board or does the addition of Swift make the Lions offense one of the most dangerous in the entire NFL? Jeremy and Ryan debate.

The Lions followed up that selection with a far more popular choice. Julian Okwara gets to reuinte with his brother Romeo, and the PODcast crew couldn’t be happier. Jeremy and Ryan break down why Julian is such a perfect fit in this Lions defense and will finally get them the pass rush they were missing last year.

Finally, the Lions wrapped up the night with the selection of Jonah Jackson. We all agree this filled one of the team’s biggest needs, but was it a reach? Were there better interior offensive line options? Did the Lions “lose” the trade? We break down all of that and give our draft grades through four rounds on this mini-episode of the PODcast.