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Introducing NFC North Football Fights On Twitch

Watch writers from all four teams battle it out for supremacy.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Here’s a question. Is everyone bored right now? Yeah, we are too. So we’re bringing back an old idea from way back when. Let me introduce you to NFC North Football Fights. A interactive game show of sorts where writers covering each team in the division will fight it out verbally for points. And it’s hosted by yours truly.

Here’s how it works. The game is broken down into three rounds.

  1. The question round. In this round we’ll open the floor up to you. Fans from each round will have to opportunity to ask questions they want to see our writers argue about for points. These questions can range anywhere from “who is the best quarterback in the division?” to “which city has the best food?” Each writer will have 45 seconds to give their best answer. The person with the best answer gets a point. Be sure to leave your questions in the comment section of this article or use the hashtag #NFCNFootballFights on Twitter.
  2. Round two is all about the trivia. There will be 10 questions relating to the NFC North and this will require speed. I will ask the question and the writer who knows the answer must quickly say their first name to buzz in. If their answer is incorrect, we’ll open the floor back up to the panel for answers. The correct answer gets a point.
  3. Finally there’s round three. This is the triple point round. Here’s where things can get real interesting. We’ll go back to the questions format. But these questions are going to be my questions. And my questions are going to be about whatever I want. The best answers to my questions get triple points.

At the end of the game we’ll add up all the points and declare a winner. The winner will become the champion and have bragging rights until they defend that championship the next time we play.

The game will take place on our Twitch on this coming Tuesday (April 7) at 7 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in and be sure to leave your questions below. Can’t wait to see everyone then!

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