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5 Qs: How eager are the Chargers to trade up with the Detroit Lions?

Sure the Lions want to trade down, but do the Chargers want to trade up?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

By now, most Detroit Lions fans have made it clear that a trade down in the 2020 NFL Draft is preferable for the team. Though they have an opportunity at a blue chip player with their third overall pick, that spot in the draft could also prove extremely valuable for a quarterback-hungry team like the Los Angeles Chargers or the Miami Dolphins. Getting the most value out of a pick is paramount for a team like the Lions, who still has plenty of needs on their volatile roster.

But trades are a two-way street. Even if one of these teams believes their franchise quarterback and key to a successful future is in this draft, they may believe the draft will fall their way without budging. Or they may have their eyes set on a different trade partner.

So instead of talking amongst ourselves about what the Lions should do, I sought out to see what fans of these potential trade partner believe should happen on draft day.

Today, we start with the Los Angeles Chargers, who failed to add a single quarterback in free agency and claim they are totally fine with Tyrod Taylor as their starter.

I spoke with Michael Peterson of Chargers blog Bolts from the Blue to see how true he believes that to be and what his ideal outcome of draft day is.

1. How convinced are you that the Chargers will take a quarterback with their first-round pick?

“At this point, I’d say I’m about 85-90% certain that the Chargers will go QB with the sixth-overall pick. Simply looking at their moves in free agency, they’ve filled a number of holes with veteran players and it’s really laid the foundation for a rookie QB to come in and feel confident in the team around him.

Besides the obvious option to take a Justin Herbert at #6, the Chargers could also take a chance and trade up for Tua Tagovailoa. That would likely cost their 2020 second-round pick, among others, but I think the roster is built to withstand a move like that. The second-round pick would likely be used on an offensive tackle. If the Chargers are confident enough in Trey Pipkins, whom they drafted in the third last year, than they could feel just fine losing that pick to grab their quarterback of the future.”

2. Do you believe the Chargers have a strong personal preference on a quarterback prospect?

“I honestly can’t say which guys they have a true preference on,but the trio of Tua, Herbert, and Jordan Love all possess qualities that the Chargers are looking for in a quarterback. They can throw off-platform and extend plays with their legs, they are adept at pushing the ball down field, and (mostly for Tua and Herbert) they don’t turn the ball over much at all. Either one of these guys will be a refreshing change of pace from the years of Philip Rivers being a statue in the pocket. His athletic shortcomings became more and more prevalent as the years went on and I think fans got very sick of watching him crumble at the slightest hint of pressure.”

3. How likely are the Chargers to trade up and grab a quarterback? How far up do you believe they need to go to grab the QB of their liking?

“I think the chances of them trading up are at about 33% right now. I think there’s always a hint of reality when draft analysts start mocking them moving up more and more as we inch closer to the draft. I think if the Dolphins show any new signs regarding a lack of interest in the top QBs, then the Chargers will certainly jump at the chance to trade up to 4. I think the third spot is the highest they’ll need to go, as I can’t imagine Joe Burrow and Chase Young not being off the board in the top two picks.”

4. If the Chargers were to move up to three with the Lions, what sort of compensation do you think is fair/what can the Chargers offer?

“I think the ideal trade up to #3 would include a swap of first-round picks, the Chargers’ second-round pick (37), and a 2021 second-rounder. I don’t care how much you love a quarterback, I don’t think it’s ever worth giving up multiple first-round picks to move up for one. If I could throw in a player instead of a second-round pick, I’d consider that as well. Maybe Desmond King if that slot corner position is of need in Detroit.”

5. If you were the Chargers GM, and the first two picks went as many expect (Joe Burrow, Chase Young), what would you do?

“I think when it comes down to it, I would at six and let the board fall as it may. I think the Chargers can get tremendous value from that spot and I also don’t think it’s 100% necessary to draft a quarterback this year. I’m of the camp that Tyrod Taylor will be just fine, and I’d rather the team continue filling their roster with blue-chip defensive players. Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons is my #1 choice in this draft and I’d give up a lot to make it happen. If Simmons and Tua are gone by #6, I’d even be a fan of taking Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, whom I believe is the best offensive linemen in the entire draft. It’s the least flashy pick, but I’m a sucker for elite offensive linemen.”

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