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Saturday open thread: Which past Detroit Lions game would you like to see re-aired?

Which classic Lions game would you love to see on TV again?


With basically all live sports put on hold right now, some sports stations have decided to dig into their vault and play some historic games. Fox Sports Detroit is playing some of the most iconic Detroit sports moments from the past 25 years. NFL Redzone will start replaying their broadcasts from the 2019 season starting Monday. And ESPN has already started digging into their well for just about every sport.

So let’s play a little game here. Let’s say you were the network executive at a television station devoted simply to Detroit Lions football, and you have broadcast rights to every single game in Lions history.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Lions game in history would you re-air first?

My answer: We played a similar game last week on the PODcast when we listed the top five Lions game available on NFL Game Pass for free right now, but that list limited us to just games from 2009 and beyond. In this scenario we have the entire Lions catalogue at our disposal.

So does that mean go all the way back to 1957 to relive the Lions’ last championship? Nah, I’m not much on nostalgia when football really wasn’t all that exciting to watch back then, even just to see how different the game was.

Going back to the Lions’ last playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys should certainly be high on the priority list. It’s nice any time the Lions beat the Cowboys, but a 38-6 schalacking in the postseason will cure any ailment.

But I really fell in love with the Detroit Lions because of Barry Sanders. He was inspiring, modest, and just an absolute wonder to watch every single game. Give me the game when he clinched 2,000 yards rushing, and that’s the first thing I’m putting on air.

Lucky for us, we don’t even have to play this hypothetical. This game is available in its entirety on YouTube right now.

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