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Wednesday open thread: Which team will be the first to mess up the virtual draft?

Making the 2020 NFL Draft a virtual experience all but guarantees somebody will have technical difficulties.

NFL Combine - Day 2

The NFL is making waves by establishing themselves as the stubborn pro sports league who won’t bow to the will of the mighty ‘rona. Whether or not that’s the right thing to do is up for debate (a debate we had on this week’s PODcast), but what is for certain is that these are uncharted waters both for the league and for the many folks running NFL front offices who are more aged than most cheeses. That means old people on new tech, and with that, it’s bound to be a draft marred by some sort of technical difficulty.

Question of the day: Which team will be the first to mess up in the 2020 virtual NFL Draft?

My answer: This is just a shot in the dark, but given how inept he’s been at everything else this offseason it’s gotta be Bill O’Brien and the Houston Texans.

I should credit this question to ESPN Dolphins reporter Cameron Wolfe, whose original tweet garnered this reply from Las Vegas Raiders GM Mike Mayock’s daughter:

Who knows what’ll happen come the first virtual draft? Certainly not you, but I’d love to hear your predictions—let us know which team you think will screw up in the comments below.

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