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Ask POD: Movin’ out

Time for another set of mailbag questions.

U-Haul Co. Discusses Debt Restructuring Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images



At this point, anything that could even be tangentially related to a Matthew Stafford trade rumor blows up and starts the narrative all over again. A small, but very, very vocal, portion of the fanbase will look for any sign that this team is ready to move on from the veteran quarterback, while the rest of us have to endure non-story after non-story after non-story.

It’s exhausting, frustrating, inane and whatever other word thinks is related.

So let’s not talk about it this week. I will give you the Pride of Detroit promise that Matthew Stafford trade rumors will not be a main topic on this week’s PODcast. I swear on a plate of mozzarella sticks.

But that means you’re going to have to help us out, too. For our final segment, we want to answer your questions. They can be about the Lions, their draft, the schedule, camp battles or your favorite quarantine recipe. Nothing is off limits... except for Matthew Stafford real estate news.

So hit us up with your questions using the comment section below or with the hashtag #AskPOD on Twitter.

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