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Ask POD: Underdog Week

Time to submit your mailbag questions!

Float During Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

It’s Underdog Week at SB Nation, and while we’ve only really participated in a silly manner this week, it’s still a fun topic to think about. As Detroit Lions fans, we’re plenty used to being the underdog, and what that means for the players, franchise and people in the stands. On one hand, everyone loves the underdog, and when (if?) the Lions ever find any sort of real success, it’s going to make one hell of a story.

On the other hand, in the meantime, it means little success, sparse national coverage, and decades and decades of suffering. Everyone loves an underdog story that ends in success. An underdog story that doesn’t have success, however, is rarely even a story at all.

But for this week’s PODcast we’ll talk a little about being perpetual underdogs for pretty much our entire lifetimes. Would we have it any other way? Will it eventually pay off?

Then, of course, it’s onto the mailbag, where our dear readers and listeners provide the topics of conversation, and we provide the answers. Want to be a part of it? Submit your questions in the comment section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD.

Have a good weekend and stay safe, y’all!

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