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VIDEO: Watch Lions NT John Penisini highlights narrated by his former DC

The Lions’ new nose tackle has some eye-popping college tape.

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One of the first things fans do after their team drafts a new player is go watch every single bit of film they can get their hands on. This tends to make every draft pick look amazing, as highlight videos on YouTube do a great job pointing out the good and masking the bad.

For Detroit Lions sixth-round pick John Penisini, however, there isn’t a ton of film to go through. Nose tackle film isn’t notoriously fun to go through, and it’s not always easy to tell when they’re doing their job correctly, as their responsibility is often simply “eat blocks.”

But the internet is an amazing place where you can find just about anything you want. And in this case, the internet tubes unearthed this interesting video: Penisini’s college defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley breaking down Penisini’s college tape. Take a look:

“Perhaps one of my favorite football players to ever come through the University of Utah,” Scalley said of Penisini.

The entire video certainly skews overwhelmingly positive, but it also does a great job highlighting why the Lions like him and how he could fit in their future plans. Here’s a sampling of great quotes from Coach Scalley.

On Penisini’s run defense:

“All this kid does is eat double teams for breakfast and come out smiling. A big reason why our linebackers have been so productive the past few seasons is because offensive linemen have been forced to double team this kid.”

On Penisini’s pass rush:

“He’s a great pass rusher. Has tremendous twitch and strength to get to the quarterback. [...] He’s perhaps one of the best club pass rushers we’ve had in a while.”

On Penisini’s hustle:

“Perhaps my favorite part of this kid’s game is just how relentless he is to the football. Time and time again, he made plays because he was a team guy—was always running to the football.”

On his NFL future:

“John, NFL teams are going to love you, brother. And we love you, too. We’re going to miss you.”

If you want to learn more about what Scalley has to say about Penisini, he spoke a little with The Athletic after the NFL Draft.

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