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VIDEO: Watch the Detroit Lions’ amazing ‘Planet Earth’, Animal Crossing schedule release videos

The Lions’ creative department deserves some serious props.

For the past few years, one of the best parts about the NFL schedule release is the creative ways that teams have decided to unveil the 17-game schedule. At some point a few years ago, the creative minds in each organization took it as a challenge to be the most unique or hilarious in the entire NFL.

The Detroit Lions have certainly thrown their names in the hat each year, whether it be T.J. Lang’s hilarious tour video from 2018 or the crowd-pleasing GIFs from The Office last year.

This year, the Lions went double-duty on their schedule release, doing perfect parodies of the nature documentary series “Planet Earth” and the recent video game “Animal Crossing.”

Let’s start with the “Planet Earth” one, which obviously took so much time and effort to put together. The Lions creative department gets extra points for the visuals, the music, and whoever narrated the video doing a perfect David Attenborough impression. Take a look:

Then, for the younger generation, the Lions took their schedule release to the virtual world of Tom Nook in the hit video game “Animal Crossing.” This video leaned a little more into the humor, including a bit of self-deprecation for the Cardinals game. See if you can catch it.

I’ll enjoy any video that has Lions fans beating a Packers fan over the head with virtual nets, and it even has a “Tiger King” reference in there for all you Joe Exotic fans.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you play Animal Crossing, the Lions released the codes to get those cute little Lions outfits for your character:

Well done, Lions creative department! Keep up the good work!

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