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Saturday open thread: If you could go to 1 Lions game in 2020, which would it be?

Which game is most enticing to you?

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

There is a cynical group of people that rear their ugly heads every year the schedule drops.

“What is everyone so excited for? We already know which teams they’re going to play!”

Yes, avid football fan. That’s very true. But besides being the hater of fun, you’re also missing a huge point of the schedule release. For many fans, this is their opportunity to book travel for the one game a year they get to see. Attending a football game is expensive, so many people have to limit their fandom to just one excursion a year, be it a home game at Ford Field or an adventurous away game elsewhere. The schedule release is the first domino that sparks into action the planning for said trip.

And while many of us are lucky enough to attend several games a year or have season tickets, let’s all take part in this exercise. You only have the opportunity to see one game this year. Travel, ticket prices, hotel bookings and concessions are all taken care of.

What is the one 2020 Detroit Lions game you’d go see?

My answer: First off, no cheating. You can’t say the Lions’ Super Bowl game or any potential playoff games. I know all your clever tricks by now, and you’re ruining the fun.

Also, if you need a refresher, here’s the schedule.

If I could only go to one game this year, it would be the season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, this is a huge risk considering there’s a fairly good chance this game is completely meaningless. But the reward could be great. I’ve seen Ford Field in Week 17 with big stakes on the line, and it is unlike any other Lions game. It’s as close as we’ve gotten to a Lions playoff atmosphere in that building, and I just want a taste of it.

Runners up include my first trip to Lambeau—when it’s not even going to be ridiculously cold!—or a roadie down in Atlanta to see their new(ish) stadium.

Your turn.

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