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Wednesday open thread: What grade would you give Martha Ford for her job as owner?

The senior Mrs. Ford stepped down from her role as primary owner on Tuesday.

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Lions announced Tuesday that Martha Firestone Ford would be stepping down as primary owner of the Lions, relinquishing her power to her daughter Sheila Ford Hamp. For more on the details, look no further than the following:

Question of the day: What grade would you give Martha Firestone Ford for her job as primary owner over the past six years?

My answer: I’ll give her a B.

Mrs. Ford had her shortcomings—most notably the lack of availability with the press. Likewise, there were the everlasting rumors that she forced Bob Quinn’s hand in keeping Jim Caldwell an extra year—I’m not one to say whether that was the right move or not, but I don’t think it’s an owner’s place; a general manager should have full trust to do what they believe is right.

Those aside, however, it’s hard to see where she failed as an owner. “BUt sHe dIdN’t WiN a SuP3R bOwL!” That’s not her job. What she did do right was be more present in team practices, games, etc. than her late husband was, which was refreshing after years of invisible ownership. Most notably, she invested in the $100 million renovation of Ford Field to create a better experience for you, I, and the players—including potential Lions players who come check out the place in free agency.

It was clear that Martha Ford valued winning from the start, and she put her money where her mouth was. Her persistence in making the Lions the best team they could be outweighed her flaws, and we salute her for her service to the organization.

Your turn!


What grade would you give Martha Firestone Ford for her six year tenure as primary owner of the Lions?

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