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Thursday open thread: Who’s your favorite player currently on the Detroit Lions?

Who do you always find yourself rooting for?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The 2019 season sure was a bust for the Detroit Lions. Whether it was blown leads, bad calls, injured quarterbacks, or something else, there were a whole bunch of things that were just not much fun.

If there’s one thing that the offseason brings us, it’s the hope of fun football throughout the fall – and hopefully into the winter. But oftentimes, Lions fans end up rooting for individual players more than the team itself.

Even when the Lions were terrible, I would find myself rooting for Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson to break records. Let’s face it. When the team doesn’t give much to root for, you end up spending a lot of timing cheering for the players.

Question of the day: Who’s your favorite player currently on the Detroit Lions?

My answer: Matthew Stafford.

This one might be too easy for me. I love how tough and humble Stafford is as a leader. And as much as I cheer for him because of what he does on the field, I’m always blown away with how generous he is with his time and money off the field to help people around the Detroit area.

Who’s your favorite player on the roster right now?

Your turn.

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