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The NFL’s new policy is a joke.

Arrested Development Cocktail Party and Script Reading Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This week, it was leaked to the media that the NFL will be banning post-game interactions between players that take place within six feet, including the growing tradition of swapping jerseys after the game.

Of course, the immediate reaction from fans, media and especially players was, “Uhhhhh... what the hell?”

A game that requires breathing, sweating, tumbling and tackling each other for three hours is something that the NFL is trying to make safe and viable. But the 30 second face-to-face interaction is something that is just not salvageable. Don’t even try it, players. NO TOUCHING.

It should go without saying that if the NFL believes the post-game interaction between players is too big of a health risk, then the game of football cannot and should not be played this year. But we’re still here, and still planning on trudging forward.

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