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Saturday open thread: Which Lions rival player did you secretly like?

It’s okay to admit it.

Vikings v Bears X

Alright, so early in the week, we admitted that the Detroit Lions don’t have a true back-and-forth rival. No team hates the Lions like the Lions hate them. But screw ‘em. If it’s a one-way rivalry, then so be it. Every game against the Packers or Bears or (sometimes) the Vikings feels like a rivalry game, even if they don’t necessarily feel the same way.

But sometimes there are players that transcend rivalries. It’s those players that are either so damn you good you have to admire them or way too affable to hate. It’s those players that you absolutely hate to see on the opposing team on Sundays, but secretly love them every other day of the week.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Detroit Lions rival player did you/do you secretly like?

My answer: I trust you guys. This is a safe place, right? No judgement. We’re all friends here, and will continue to stay friends regardless of whether we have differing opinions, right?

Okay, with that being said, I’ve always kind of liked Brian Urlacher. Yeah, he talked a lot of trash, but the man was a legend on the field. I’ve always had a deep respect for linebackers, as they’re asked to do a little bit of everything on defense. And Urlacher did, indeed, do everything. He averaged over 100 tackles over 13 seasons, had 22 career interceptions including one year with five and 91 passes defended, and ended up with 41.5 sacks.

For some reason, towards the end of his career he got this reputation as being overrated, but as someone who watched this guy devastate the Lions twice a year for over a decade, I can’t figure out how someone could say that with a straight face. Urlacher was an absolute beast, and he’s someone I’d have taken on the Lions in an instant.

Your turn.

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