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Sunday open thread: Who is your favorite NFL player not on the Lions?

Is there someone you can’t help but root for?

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Let’s face it. We all love the Lions, but sometimes it’s easy to admire and root for players that aren’t on your favorite NFL team. For me, as a college football fan and self-proclaimed NFL Draft expert, I’m partial towards some of the players I fall in love with leading up to the draft. Last year, for instance, I was upset that the Lions didn’t luck out and have Deebo Samuel fall into their laps in the 2019 draft, but I did find it very enjoyable to see him ball out in San Francisco.

Growing up as a football fan, I was a huge fan of Larry Fitzgerald and the way he carried himself on and off the field. He was always the easiest non-Lions player to root for, and if cancel culture somehow makes its way towards Fitz, I will have lost faith in all of humanity.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Who is your favorite current NFL player not on the Detroit Lions?

My answer: Aside from Fitz, who is nearing the end of his NFL career, the player that might have already replaced him as my favorite non-Lions player is Lamar Jackson.

Jackson is an enigma on the field, and although he may not be the philanthropist that is Fitzgerald, he is damn fun to watch with the football in his hand, and I think we haven’t even seen the best of him just yet.

Your turn.

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