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Ranking the top 10 NFL CBs for the 2020 season, plus Patrick Mahomes reactions

Who are the best cornerbacks in the league today? We rank ‘em.

New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The value of the cornerback position has been hotly debated as of late. PFF seems to be on a mission to convince people that coverage is actually far more important to a defense’s success than pass rush, and if that’s the case, cornerbacks may be the most important position on that side of the ball.

Regardless of what you think about the value of cornerbacks, it’s clear teams view it as a pretty high priority. Cornerbacks salaries have been on the rise for years now, and some teams—like the Detroit Lions—are willing to spend a top-five pick on the position if there’s a player that justifies it.

So this week on the PODcast we finished our yearly LISTCAST by ranking the top 10 cornerbacks in the NFL today. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces on our list, and a couple of up-and-comers.

Then our attention turns to the ridiculous 10-year, $503 million deal that Patrick Mahomes got. Does it benefit Mahomes, the Chiefs or both?

After that, we chat about the Lions by answering your questions. Is there any chance the shortened offseason puts Jeff Okudah on the bench to start the season? Which top player on the Lions would you trade if you had to?

Plus some fourth of July chat, are most-hated non-football rivals and why some of us are #TeamNeverPunt.

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