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Wednesday open thread: Which Detroit Lion benefits the most from a shortened offseason?

There are going to be much fewer opportunities for fringe guys to show their value.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Thanks to COVID-19, things are anything but the same this season. Most teams have already cut down their rosters to 80 players, and that’s just the beginning. With less time on the field for scrimmages and live action, fringe players are gonna have even fewer opportunities than normal to shine. For players who the team is familiar with already, however, that means less likelihood of their spot being challenged.

Question of the day: Which player’s roster spot benefits the most from a COVID-limited training camp?

My answer: Jamal Agnew.

Agnew made the switch from cornerback to wide receiver this offseason, which put him very much on the outside looking in when it comes to the 53-man roster. Anytime a player is forced to switch positions without it being based on past success in their new position, it’s usually all but guaranteed their time with the team has come to an end.

For Agnew, that may not be the case. His raw speed is his biggest asset, and late last season he returned to good form as a returner. If the team wants to play it safe and keep him on the roster, he’ll inevitably get a real shot as a gadget guy on offense, and that just might be enough to save his spot long-term with the Lions.