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Can the NFL actually pull this off?

We discuss the realistic chances the NFL can have a season in the middle of a pandemic.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

College football appears to be on the ropes. On Tuesday, the Big 10 and the PAC 12 both put a hold on fall sports, hoping that somehow they can have a football season in the spring when—fingers crossed—the pandemic is more under control. Though the fate of conferences like the SEC, ACC and Big 12 remain a mystery, it seems like only a matter of time before they follow suit.

So what does that mean for the NFL? The situations are similar, but far from identical. It’s obviously the same sport, which means there’s the same challenge of being completely unable to socially distance on the field while having to deal with huge roster numbers. But with more resources and—maybe most importantly—professional athletes that earn paychecks instead of amateurs, the NFL has a unique situation on their hands.

But can they actually pull off a full season? As COVID-19 still continues to be on the rise in several corners of the United States is it safe—or even feasible—to have an entire football season without the presence of a metaphorical bubble?

That’s the main topic on this week’s PODcast as Ryan and Jeremy discuss the main impediments to a season and react to the comments from Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

But that’s not all we talk about this week. We also break down the roster moves made by the Detroit Lions over the weekend. And what do we make of all this recent Lions optimism from national outlets? Ryan explains why he isn’t buying in, while Jeremy admits he’s sipping the Kool-Aide a bit.

We close out the show talking a little bit about Jim Caldwell’s legacy, the 2021 NFL Draft and our dream free agent signings.

You can listen to the PODcast below, or watch video of it on our Twitch page or YouTube.