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Thursday open thread: Which Lions player is hurt most by a shortened offseason?

Yesterday we asked who benefits the most. Today, it’s who’s the biggest loser.

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions

Yesterday we asked you who was poised to benefit the most from the COVID-restricted circumstances that are forcing the Lions’ preseason to change. Most of you agreed that it was Jamal Agnew. Today, we’re asking the opposite—who stands to lose the most given the lack of exposure leading up to the season? Hint: it’s not Jason Huntley.

Question of the day: Who stands to lose the most from the shortened offseason?

My answer: Hunter Bryant.

Jason Huntley is tempting. However, the Lions spent a fifth-round pick on him, and I just don’t see them trying their luck in trying to get him on the practice squad.

I think it’s Hunter Bryant because of his potential. He was a highly sought-after undrafted rookie tight end from Washington who has tons of talent and skill but had his last two seasons derailed by injuries. He still managed to be named a second-team All-American in 2019 and was ranked PFF’s number one tight end in the draft.

It’s a long shot for UDFAs to get on the roster, however. If the Lions weren’t comfortable spending even a seventh-round pick on him, it’s unlikely they’ll put him on the 53-man roster without extensive time on the field for training camp.

Your turn. Who’s worst off given the current circumstances surrounding training camp?