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Lions’ training camp documentary gives unique look at COVID preparation

NFL: AUG 06 Lions - Patriots Joint Training Camp

One of the best video series the Detroit Lions have been producing over the past few years is their “Inside the Den” documentary. In year’s past, the video series has done their best to mimic popular HBO series “Hard Knocks” to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at training camp and the personal lives of certain Lions players.

Despite all of the disruptions this offseason from COVID-19, the series is continuing this year, and on Thursday night, Episode 1 of the series dropped.

This year, the series may be more interesting than in previous seasons, seeing as media coverage of the team is severely limited right now. Episode 1 focuses heavily on the team’s preparations for the COVID-19 virus, the players arriving at the team facility for the first time this offseason, media day, head coach Matt Patricia making his appearance on “Good Morning Football,” and, of course, the Lions finally taking the field for conditioning drills and practice.

It’s really a pretty enlightening episode. From watching all of the preparation the team is doing to keep the facility safe—including spraying down pads between reps for players—to seeing signs just about everywhere in the facility indicating which personnel are allowed where.

Of course, there are some light moments, too. Da’Shawn Hand trying to figure out what sort of gestures to make for an eventual GIF creation is classic Da’Shawn Hand. Ty Johnson does a pretty impressive lions roar. And it’s pretty neat seeing the equipment room light up when Jarrad Davis walks in.

You can watch Episode 1 right here: