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Get your ‘Dagger Time’ Lions t-shirts

Deliver the death blow to your opponents with our new ‘Dagger Time’ shirts.

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It’s Dagger Time!

The Detroit Lions’ new catchphrase this year, courtesy of quarterback Matthew Stafford, is focused around finishing games this year. In 2019, the team was tied or held a lead in 11 games, but finished with just three total wins on the season. They don’t plan on making the same mistake in 2020. They’re taking their lead into the final 15 minutes, and they’re ready to deliver the dagger, the death blow to their opponents.

Hence, “Dagger Time.”

So to join the Dagger Time movement, we’ve worked in conjunction with our friends at BreakingT to bring you the latest in our Lions merchandise. This “Dagger Time” shirt features the classic Honolulu Blue and silver colors, some classic medieval font and, of course, a dagger with a pretty kickass Lions face on the handle.

T-shirts are available to anyone around the world and range from small to 3XL. And, from personal experience with BreakingT, these shirts are incredibly comfortable.

So show your support for the Lions and Pride of Detroit, and get one today!