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Notes: Nate Burleson had a TD celebration rival while a Lion

It was a tight end, but somehow not Joe Fauria.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

We understand training camp is underway and everyone in Lions twitter is overdosing on spicy “who won which rep” takes, so how about a random bit of fun from Matthew Stafford’s appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” this morning? The show’s official Twitter account posted the entire segment as an embedded video:

Most of the back and forth was fairly standard stuff, kicked off by former Lions receiver Nate Burleson with a glowing introduction and a few questions about how Stafford and his family was feeling health-wise. Kyle Brandt followed up by asking Stafford to walk them through the experience of his false positive test earlier this month.

Kay Adams took it back to on-the-field topics, and when she asked the Lions’ starting quarterback about new Lions running back D’Andre Swift the praise flowed freely. Our own Jeremy Reisman wrote this morning about Stafford’s reply, which elaborated on the veteran’s efforts to reach out and help prepare some of the younger players on the roster able to make it locally to his home in Georgia.

Stafford also had many good things to say about a retired Lion when Burleson asked for his thoughts on Kellen Moore. Their former shared teammate is about to enter his second season as offensive coordinator in Dallas. Among the things that came up were Moore’s temperament, flexibility, and creativity.

Here’s where we get our fun tale: Peter Schrager noted the decor in the frame with Stafford and asked for a good Nate Burleson story. Apparently Burleson and tight end Tony Scheffler “were always battling it out to see who could have the better celebrations.” Of the many Burleson celebrations, the one that stuck out in Stafford’s mind was from the 2012 season in which Burleson was fined by the league for pretending to shoot a bird.

Wait, take that and rewind it back. Tony Scheffler? Really? Yes, really:

Finally, Brandt asked about the charitable contribution to the University of Georgia, which was also covered by Jeremy Reisman this morning. In thanking Stafford for his appearance on the show, Burleson reminded viewers of who Schrager selected for his dark horse MVP candidate two weeks ago:

All in all, a fun time was had and it’s not a long video, so check out the full segment in the tweet at the top. Now, on to the rest of today’s Notes:

  • Following practice, rookie cornerback Jeff Okudah was available for questions from the media. The team has the video from the session posted on their YouTube channel (about 0:50 to 8:00 mark in the video):

Before we get too hyped for the interception asked about at the very beginning of the session, Justin Rogers with the Detroit News has some context from Stafford’s media session (which comes later in that same video, around the 16:30 mark):

  • The Detroit Economic Club will host a 30-minute video conference meeting with Lions general manager Bob Quinn and team president Rod Wood on August 31 for its members. Fox 2’s Dan Miller is the moderator for the event, which is not open to the public.