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Revisiting Detroit Lions training camp battles after Week 1 of practice

We look at how Lions camp battles have progressed after one week of practices.

NFL: AUG 20 Detroit Lions Training Camp Photo by Allan Dranberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With Week 1 of training camp in the rear-view mirror and cutdown day lingering less than two weeks away, it’s time to take a closer look at the Detroit Lions roster. Camp battles are essentially halfway through, meaning there are fewer and fewer opportunities for these players to rise up and down the depth chart.

We probably say this every year, but the Lions seem to be facing tougher decisions than ever. The Lions are particularly deep at wide receiver and running back. So does Detroit go heavy at both position or will they be forced to cut a talented player? Or can they trim the fat elsewhere on the roster to accomodate all that talent?

So this week on the PODcast we examine all of the training camp battles from Lions practice and update our thoughts on the roster. Who is threatening to lose their job? Who is making a good case for themselves? And how does the Lions’ overall roster look? Where are they feeling good? Where may the dip into free agency after cutdowns?

Myself, Ryan Mathews and Mansur Shaheen break it all down on this week’s PODcast.

(You can also watch this week’s episode on YouTube here.)

Additionally, because I didn’t want Tuesday’s big news of the Lions’ protests to go completely ignored, I recorded a quick mini-podcast on my perspective from Allen Park, and why the demonstration made me prouder than ever to be a Detroit Lions fan.

I decided to keep this separate from the PODcast both to make it stand out, and to allow those not interested in hearing about it to go straight to the football podcast.