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Tuesday open thread: Who was your favorite Lions’ acquisition of the offseason?

There are lots of new faces in Motown, but who’s your favorite?

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This offseason has felt like an absolute trudge through mud. Each step of the way has felt like a truly awful adventure, especially considering there likely isn’t any treasure at the end of this journey—just pain and anguish.

But let’s not focus on the destination or the trip too much because that’s just a huge bummer. Instead, let’s allow our attention to be captured by the trinkets picked up along the way!

Which leads us to today’s Question of the Day!

Who was your favorite Lions’ acquisition of the offseason?

Without a doubt, my favorite move the Detroit Lions made this offseason was to draft Jeff Okudah with their first-round draft pick. It tickled a variety of pleasure centers for me, but mostly I loved how Detroit was able to dissuade themselves from taking someone like Derrick Brown, thumb their nose to traditional conventionalities, and draft the best player available with the third overall pick.

Of course, the Okudah selection provides for a ton of excitement. It’s a premier position in today’s NFL. He’s uber-talented and highly motivated. And he’s going to get the opportunity to shine from the very first snap considering the team traded their franchise cornerback Darius Slay to the Philadelphia Eagles before the draft. Normally, that type of pressure might be too big for any NFL rookie, the lights too bright, but for Okudah, it seems like just another step in him becoming a household name in the NFL.

Your turn.