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Notes: Does Jeff Okudah already have Hall of Fame potential?

ESPN considers Okudah one of the roster’s potential Hall of Famers.

NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jeff Okudah has not played an NFL snap yet, but he is already one of the most popular players on the Detroit Lions roster. The cornerback was a star at Ohio State — a university that has produced more elite secondary talent than any other in recent years — and now is set to fill the shoes of Darius Slay in the Motor City after being selected third overall. Okudah is also one of the few Lions currently on the roster with potential to make the Hall of Fame, at least according to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell.

Barnwell listed the players who he believes have Hall of Fame potential on each of the 32 NFL rosters in order to commemorate what would have been a week of Hall of Fame ceremonies in Canton this week. Each team, except the Miami Dolphins, has at least one player with at least a 10 percent chance according to Barnwell.

Okudah joins longtime Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford on the list, with each having between a 10 and 39 percent chance of getting in. While both could get there, they both still have a lot to do (obviously, in the case of Okudah, who has not played a game yet).

Slay, now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, joins them in the same tier, as Barnwell also believes the corner has a 10-39% chance of reaching Canton.

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