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2020 Detroit Lions, NFL season predictions: NFC North, Super Bowl LV winners

Let’s kick off this NFL season with a batch of predictions and

The NFL is back tonight! The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans kick off the 2020 NFL season on Thursday night for what promises to be one of the most interesting seasons of football ever.

But the NFL isn’t the only thing making a triumphant return today. Our own Jerry Mallory is BACK and he’s here to give you predictions realities on what will happen in the 2020 NFL season.

First, he takes on the Detroit Lions. Who will be their key contributors on offense and defense? Which rookie will shine above the rest. And, more importantly, will this team win the division, make the playoffs or maybe even make some postseason noise?

Then, Jerry takes on the rest of the NFL. MVP picks? Yep. Rookie of the Year predictions? Of course. And then Jerry makes his picks for Super Bowl LV.

So come watch. Subscribe to our YouTube page, and let’s celebrate the return of football and our very own Jerry Mallory.