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Adrian Peterson explains why he signed with Detroit Lions

Running Adrian Peterson had his first media session as a member of the Detroit Lions on Thursday afternoon. For about 20 minutes, he covered topics ranging from his favorite game against the Lions to obtaining the famous “Beverly Hills Cop” starter jacket and putting it in his Lions locker.

Most interesting, however, were his responses to questions regarding how he landed in Detroit. Per Peterson, there were two or three teams that reached out to him after the Washington Football Team released him last week. There were several reasons why he ended up choosing the Lions. So here are some quotes on that topic, from the man himself.

On the coaching staff and reuniting with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell:

“Once I did a little research—I knew coach Bevell was here, I knew the head coach, coach Patricia was here, as well; a guy that coached under Bill Belichick. But one of the main things was coach Bevell. Just having a history with him. I had an opportunity to talk to him a little bit, and I felt like it was a great opportunity for me to come in and help contribute to this team and their effort being more successful than they were last year.”


“One of the big things was coach Bev for being here and just really being familiar with this offense and this terminology.”

However, Peterson noted that the scheme had really advanced since the two were connected from 2007 to 2010 in Minnesota, with “80-85 percent” of it being new.

On the Lions’ roster:

“I feel like offensively, they’ve got a great offensive line. Obviously, (an) amazing, one-of-a-kind quarterback, and some really talented receivers out wide and tight ends. Defensively, as well, I knew they had brought in a lot of guys and switched things up.”

On coming back to the NFC North:

“I’m excited to be back in the NFC North. I get to play against some familiar foes. I’m going to be extremely excited to play against the Vikings twice a year.”

On report that he’d be starting for Detroit in Week 1:

“I didn’t hear all that. I’ve been too focused on trying to learn plays.”

On his defined role with the team:

“They’re asking me to do a lot. I don’t think we’ve really locked in exactly (those roles), but what the obvious is what I’ve done for 14 years is run the ball well, catch the ball when I have that opportunity, pick up blocks.”

On helping groom Lions’ running backs:

“The young guy that they brought in, Swift, I think he’s going to be something special. He’s just got to continue to work, and I will do my part for us, making sure he stays on the straight and narrow and he’s doing the right things.”

You can watch all of Peterson’s media session—along with those of T.J. Hockenson and Nick Williams—below: