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Saturday open thread: Who should replace Kenny Golladay, if necessary?

It’s looking like the Lions’ No. 1 receiver will be out this week. Who should replace him?

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Kenny Golladay’s status in this game quickly nosedived as the week went on. According to head coach Matt Patricia, Golladay suffered a hamstring injury during Wednesday’s practice, but he seemed to downplay it on Thursday morning.

Flash forward 48 hours and Golladay has now missed two consecutive practices completely and is listed as doubtful. Meanwhile, Patricia has changed his tune a little bit.

“We’re trying to prevent them from being long-term type of soft-tissue injuries,” Patricia said. “So even if we get guys that are tight, that may be on the milder side, maybe a seven-, 10-, 14-day type stuff, we’re trying to prevent the four-week type of injury there.”

Even if Golladay’s injury is on the mild side, Patricia seems to be suggesting his injury—and all the ones like it—are between one and two weeks. And if that’s the case, Golladay isn’t so much “doubtful” as he is already out.

So this begs the question: What do the Lions do now?

Question of the Day: Who replaces Kenny Golladay?

My answer: It’s probably going to be Marvin Hall and it probably should be.

I know a ton of Lions fans will be clamoring for fifth-round rookie Quintez Cephus to start his first NFL game, especially after a promising training camp. And while I certainly wouldn’t be against a move like that, it’s worth noting that Hall had just as impressive of a training camp:

Many just think of Hall as a deep threat—nearly every ball he caught last year was at least 20 yards downfield, but like Justin, I saw a much more well-rounded receiver at training camp.

I want to see Cephus as much as the next person—and maybe we’ll get a handful of snaps on Sunday vs. the Bears—but Hall is the right call here.

Your turn.