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2020 NFL predictions: What will be the Detroit Lions’ record?

Our staff makes the Lions’ record predictions for 2020.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With just over 24 hours until the Detroit Lions kick off their 2020 season against the Chicago Bears, it’s time to make some serious predictions.

This could prove to be a pivotal year for the Lions. With the jobs of GM Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia potentially hanging in the balance, how things play out in this already-odd season, could alter the entire future of this franchise. If they win a bunch of game, maybe the hardships of a “culture change” over the past two years turn out to be worth it. IF they lose a bunch of games, it may not just be Quinn and Patricia shown the door. It’s quite possible that the new general manager and set of coaches and scouts don’t want to start over with a 33-year-old quarterback.

Yeah, those are two drastically different realities this franchise could be barrelling towards, but it just goes to prove how fickle the game of football is.

Our staff tried their best to peer into the future and see where the future of the Lions lies. Here are our predictions for the Lions’ 2020 record and playoff fate.

What will be the Lions’ record in 2020? Will they make the playoffs?

Hamza Baccouche: 8-8

8-8, going to say no on playoffs. I think they significantly improve but not enough to get past eight wins. I’ve chugged Kool-Aid too many times in years past to take the bait this year. Prove me wrong, please. I’m begging you.

Kyle Yost: 7-9

As always, it seems like the Lions can sit on either side of .500, but how many times has it ended up as significantly below that figure instead? It really does seem like a lot of positions are primed to be improved over last season, but expecting a 5+ swing in wins just seems too unrealistic, even with a healthy Matthew Stafford.

Mike Payton: 11-5

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Everything in my body is telling me not to, but I can’t help it. I’m sold that this team is more united than ever, and a really impressive camp along with some good additions has me awkwardly high on this team. I’m going with 11-5 and hoping I’m not incredibly wrong. Not only do they make the playoffs, they win a game too. I’m crazy, I know.

Andrew Kato: 6-10

The 6-10 Lions will not make the playoffs.

Ryan Mathews: 10-6

10-6 and yes, they’re going to make the playoffs. The great irony will be hosting a home playoff game with zero fans in the stands.

Kellie Rowe: 8-8

With a healthy Stafford, a revamped running game, and some great new additions, I think the Lions can pull it off. I’m also factoring in the massive amounts of bonding this offseason. Though there was a lack of spring ball and preseason games, there’s no doubt that sharing the experience of getting through a public health crisis and everything involved in this social justice movement has strengthened the Lions as a team. The act of canceling practice on Aug. 25 in response to the Jacob Blake shooting was evidence that leadership is receptive to players. Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn are worried about their jobs, so every second of what’s already been cut from practice time matters. But they’ve shown that some things matter more. I’d be very surprised if that doesn’t manifest itself somewhere on the football field.

Justin Simon: 9-7

I’ll say 9-7. That’s a little better than where they probably would have ended up last season if Stafford was healthy. And that’s about where I think they’ll end up this year. It will really come down to the health of the team and whether the defense can raise up from the bottom-of-the-NFL unit they were last season.

Chris Perfett: 9-7

I’m a little more confident this time around in win totals, and a third-year growth spurt for Matt Patricia is likely. I also expect a full season of Matthew Stafford should suffice to increase the win total to something more respectable. However, defense is going to be the achilles heel, and what should be promised on paper is going to let a few things slip in reality.

John Whiticar: 6-10

I predict a 6-10 record for the Lions and no playoffs. The schedule isn’t favorable, but I think this team’s failures will come from the defense, and specifically Matt Patricia. Cory Undlin will make the calls (for now), but the Lions have a defense built for 1990s football. In a passing-driven league, you need a pass rush. The Lions can’t give quarterbacks six or seven seconds to throw, regardless of your secondary. If they make the playoffs, either the offense will drag them there, or the defensive scheme magically starts working. I have my doubts.

Jeremy Reisman: 9-7

This was probably a 6-to-8 win team last year had the Lions had average luck plus their starting quarterback for the entire season. This year’s team is better than that, but probably not by much. I like that they aggressively altered their defense after an awful 2019 season, but I can’t confidently say their roster on that side of the ball is much better.

Until I see proof with my own eyes that this defense can be—at the very least—average, Matthew Stafford won’t be able to carry them more than a game or two over .500. Even with the extra wild card spot this year, I think the Lions will be just on the outside looking in.


What will the Lions’ record be in 2020?

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Will the Lions make the playoffs?

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  • 29%
    Yes, they will win the division
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    Yes, they will win a wild card spot
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