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Jerry is better than YOU at Fantasy Football (Episode 1)

Push your ego aside and learn from the (self-proclaimed) best.

Do you fancy yourself a Fantasy Football aficionado? Maybe you're a novice or just someone who wants to have fun with friends and enjoy some good food at the draft.

Whatever category you fall under we’ve got you covered. In Episode 1 of “Jerry Mallory is better than YOU at Fantasy Football,” the show’s titular character gives a few tips to help you win your leagues.

This week, Jerry breaks down the top receiver and running back options, regardless of whether you’re playing daily, weekly or full-season fantasy football. You’re going to want these players on your fantasy roster.

As a bonus he dishes out a Week 1 prediction for the Detroit Lions and their season opener against the Chicago Bears. PLUS he has some thoughts on the latest blunder from Skip Bayless.

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